The BBC, ALLAN LITTLE and ARTUR MAS, `English style´ …


The BBC, ALLAN LITTLE and ARTUR MAS, "English style" …

(Cartes i articuls enviats a la BBC británica desmontant les  falsetats de Artur Mas al periodiste Allan Little en la entrevista  del 19.01.2014)



BBC World Affairs Correspondent



Dear Sir , clarify some of the misleading   facts  stated   in your interview with the President of the Catalan Autonomy, Artur Mas,   about the ficticious  “independent Catalonia" (BBC 19.01.2014),   here you are some  essential  facts  that will help you to understand the mad  ambitions of  these new  Catalan “feudal masters” of the 21st Century …. :


I am afraid that you and your BBC   have been  inocent victims of arturet.JPGthe powerful  “propaganda machine” produced by the radical Catalan naZionalism, which is trying todinamite our present “Constitucion Española de la Concordia” (1978) . These are some of the facts : me   what is really unacceptable , at present in Spain, is  our  IRRESPONSIBLE  naZionalisms ( Catalan and Basque).   The  blackmailing  alliance between the radical  secessionist ultra-left with  his  insatiable  naZi-onalist political cronies in Catalonia (CIU) is a real threat to Spain. They both are driving Spain into a real FEUDAL MOSAIC OF MEDIEVAL  DESPOTIC  MASTERS. Our `Constitucion de la Concordia´ (1978)  is in real danger thanks to them : the refom of the Catalan Estatut masquaraded  an  illegal  reform of our young Constitution  violating the legal procedures  established  in its Titulo 10  , Artº 167,168 and 169 . And one of its most serious consequences has been the ban of  freedom to educate our children  in our common NATIONAL language  : SPANISH. Only Catalan  language is allowed  in Catalan schools as the sole language of instruction. Spanish language has become a simple subject.

The blackmailing nationalism of those two autonomic ens roba.jpegscroungers (Catalonia and Vasconia),  with their harassing strategies, has been the most effective instrument  to become what they are at present : two powerful  "perk autonomies"   whose wealth , industralization, monopolies   and top-living standards have been built up  over the last two centuries at the expense of the desindustrialization , null-investment and poverty  of the remaining Spanish regions. The   human labour force ("charnegos and maquetos")  , arrived from Andalucia, Murcia, Galicia and Extremadura  was their privileged working engine……  They both have an UNPAID DEBT with the rest of Spain.

Now, the two "well-fed fat cats", Catalonia and Vasconia,  want to break away from "milked Spain"  . Is that what could be defined as SELFISHNESS and lack of SOLIDARITY  ? or.. perhaps  IRRESPONSIBLE  NATIONACATALANISM  ? or… BOTH? .

Thanks ever so much for your kind attention.

Yours, faithfully ,

Mª Teresa Puerto Ferre,B.A.,M.Anglo-Roman Phil.

Catedrática de Lengua Inglesa

Filóloga Anglo-Románica

Miembro-docente del Aula de Cultura de la Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana.

(Former)Coordinadora de Didáctica Especifica de la Lengua Inglesa.S.F.P.

Universidad de Valencia (Valencia –SPAIN)


Dear Sir,

Additionally, this article will also help you  clarify some essential facts about ……

.. “THE DELIRIOUS DREAMS OF A “FANTASYLAND” callled CATALONIA” delirious dreams of a “fantastic Catalonia” have led to the invention of endless numbers of false denominations, repeated in an infinite way, and have infected, over the years, the general mass of the under-educated.Imitating the strategy of “The Big Lie” as promoted by Socialist-Fascist Mussolini :”The people can be easily defrauded all the time provided that the brainwashing propaganda is sufficiently intense and repeated”.


Nationalcatalanism has obtained extraordinary achievements by this method.


The Aragonese historian and university professor  D. Antonio Ubieto Arteta (Archivero Mayor del Reino de Ragón) often repeated in his lectures tha “The biggest problem that the Catalan historians have had , has always been the INFERIORITY COMPLEX that weighs upon them . The Kings of Aragon never had even the most minimal intention of creating a kingdom in Catalonia – no documents exist or have ever existed stating that they did. almost milennial complex is the one that has led to CATALAN NATIONALISM and the usurping of the flag of Aragon (instead of its traditional  Flag of Santa Eulalia which had always been the flag of the Catalans ) together with using false denominations such as “ The Principality of Catalonia”. Also devising false titles such as the “Catalano-Aragonese Crown” which had been devised by the falsifying Catalan archivist Prospero Bofarulll in the first half of the 19th century, when the ROMANTIC FANTASIES, accompanied by a good dose of envy, ended in lying and grandiose lies.


CATALAN NATIONALISM had never existed but has developed through the feverish frenzy of politicians and their fistsfull of fascist thoughts and ambitious in trying to create a Catalonia different from what it always was. nacio catalana no1.low.JPGIn 1936, the Catalan historian Jaume Vicens i Vives supported a burning debate with the ultranationalist Antoni Rovira and Virgili on the topic of “the false existence of a Catalan nation”. It was widely publicised in the newspaper “La

Publicitat”, which was the principal organ of the intellectual Catalanism and contained articles by Carles Soldevilla, Josep Pla, Jaume Bofill, Marti de Riquer, etc…


The honest firm words of the Catalan historian Vicens i Vives compared the idea of Catalan-nationalism to the FALSE but romantic idea of an “idealistic Catalonia” which was a “False Catalonia”. This false but romantic idea had led to a surge in political Catalanism in Valencia , which, in fact, was completely incongruous with historical reality.


At one stage in the debate, the Catalan historian Vicens i Vives contributed this devastating testimony : “In more that three thousand documents, which I have recollected and viewed, I have not found even one which told about a collective nationalist feeling or which unveiled an emotion of national conscience: and, as a Catalan I am, I feel sorry about this.


The Catalan historian Vicens i Vives used to tell in his writings that, the powerful Catalan /Barcelonese upper classes produced an artificial image of a “false Catalonia” which was easily accepted by the neighbouring kingdoms  of Aragon Valencia and Mallorca.

The FINANCIAL POWER OF CATALONIA, (developed at the expense of the rest of Spain  in those days and at present) and its excellent MARKETING,had developed an unreal feeeling of admiration amongst those neighbouring  communities : but IT WAS JUST A MIRAGE……




Mª Teresa Puerto Ferre,B.A.,M.Anglo-Roman Phil.

Catedrática de Lengua Inglesa

Filóloga Anglo-Románica

Miembro-docente del Aula de Cultura de la Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana.

 ex- Coordinadora de Didáctica Especifica de la Lengua Inglesa.S.F.P.

Universidad de Valencia (Valencia –SPAIN)