“paissos catalans´: A LINGÜISTIC BARBARISM”

“paissos catalans´AN IDIOTIC  BARBARISM"

RESPUESTA a THE GUARDIAN :(remitido el 4 abril.2011)

by Maria Teresa Puerto Ferre .Catedrática de Lengua Inglesa.Filóloga.
\"http://www.teresafreedom.com//images/articles/paissosTo clarify some of the misleading   facts  stated  by Julian Glover ( “Spain: why prosperous Catalans may beat  rebellious Basques….”  The Guardian, Friday 01.04.2011)  about the inexistent-ficticious  “paissos catalans” ,   here you are some of the  essential  facts  that will help you to understand the mad  ambitions of  the new  Catalan “feudal masters”  towards their  neighbouring regions  and, as a result,   the very serious problems Valencian, Aragonese and Balearic people are having with Catalan  nationalism and its “infamous and infectious Barceloni dialect” (=neocatalan  language of the 20th century). 
Vaclav Havel, the  brave Czeck intellectual   of the "Prague  Spring", said, long ago,  that  "totalitarian   Communism  was not dead: it would be reborn  under the mask of NATIONALISMS".  That is exactly what we are having at present  in the Basque  autonomy as well as in  the Catalan autonomy : Marxist-socialism (PSC/ERC)  associated to an imperialist   ultraright (PNV /  CIU) .  " Vasconia and Cataluña have been  two  perk-autonomies   whose  wealth, industrialization  and top-living standards  have been built up  over the last two centuries at the expense of the desindustrialization  and poverty  of the  rest regions of  Spain"  as my university professor Antonio Ubieto used  to tell us  in the  sixties. And he was right.  Their privileged position next to Europe  has  provided them with   the  advantageous  means leading to progress. They have used  their "pressure arms"  – terrorism  ETA/Terra Lliure, antidemocratic Electoral  Law-   to obtain all these advantageous  "perks".

\"http://www.teresafreedom.com//images/articles/paissosFirst of all and , according to what was stated by the Catalan "gurú"  professor Padre Batllori,  " The Catalan dialect from Barcelona  which is being imposed in the Valencian Community  (and Balearic Islands) is the  infamous and infected Barceloní dialect" ( University of Gerona, 2/11/1992) .  Padre Batllori is a Catalan historian born in Barcelona (1909-2003) as well as  "Doctor Honoris Causa" by eleven Catalan universities -included Valencian unversities- , " 1995 Príncipe de Asturias Award" , and a Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of History.
Historically, the Catalan standard is a modern laboratory-invention, produced  by the industrial engineer Pompeu i Fabra ( a close friend of fascist  Sabino Aranas´s in  Basque Country)  in 1906 . Catalan  didn´t exist  as a standardized language  in  the 19th century: Catalan  was  a mixture of Provenzal dialects  according  to the German  linguist  Friedrich  Diez ( "Grammatik der romanischen Sprachen". 1836 ) and  his disciple Meyer Lübcke ("Grammaire des Langues Romanes" 1890)  . Prestigiuos German linguist  F. Diez  was the  "Father of the Romance Languages" and his classification hasn´t  been unbeaten so far.
On the contrary , historical Valencian Language, (which is now in the process of attempted extermination under  the  overpowered  Catalan Big Brother), has always existed as a Romance Language  born after the split of Latin language  and  dating, in early 1121,  the roots of   its own  linguistic "koiné" (standard) . Valencian language, as an independent language, was  fully developed in the 13th, 14th centuries and  reached  the peak  of its  literature in its  "Golden  15th Century"  when  the language  spoken in Catalonia  was named "Valenciano"  because  then Catalan didn´t exist as a language . That  is why  famous writers such as : Joanot Martorell, Jordi de San Jordi, Jaume March, Ausias March, Jaume Roig, Roiç de Corella,  Joan Esteve , Pere Martínez,  Marti de Viciana,  etc.. and  thousands more  , were all Valencian writers  stating in their  books  that : "they were writing in  Valencian language" (never in Catalan).
The problem with these  Catalan nationalists  is that  they have always felt an awful  inferiority complex because, historically,  Valencia has always been a Kingdom , with its own "FURS" (laws) and  with a  brilliant literary tradition and culture,  whereas  Catalonia has only been a mosaic of “counties”  with a very poor cultural and literary past. That´s its reason for the theft to Valencia. What used to be  a historical  golden language  (Valenciano) has now been turned into a dialect .  What used to be  a dialect ( Barceloní) has now  become a neolanguage (neoCatalan) .  What used to be  a historical  kingdom  (Valencia) has now been turned into a  “pais catalá”  .  What used to be  a mosaic of  small “counties”  want  now   to become an invented  “nation” …..
\"http://www.teresafreedom.com//images/articles/paissos Phoney Catalan nationalists and  their  overpowerful army of publishers  have made  the trick. As well as turning their dialect  into a prosperous  "money making machine", their   purpose is to colonize,  mentally and socially,    the indoctrinated  Valencian and Balearic   youth.  Most  Valencian pupils and students  are being  "the useful idiots" (Lenin -sic)  of this prosperous  business.
The delirious dreams  of this “fantastic Catalonia” have led to the invention of endless numbers of false denominations (“paissos catalans”), repeated in an infinite way , and have infected, over the years, the general mass of the under-educated.
Imitating the strategy of “The  Big Lie” as promoted by Socialist-Fascist  Mussolini :”The people can be easily defrauded all the time provided that the propaganda is sufficiently intense and repeated”, nationalcatalanism has obtained extraordinary achievements by this method.
The “Catalan nation” has never existed  but has developed through the feverish frenzy of politicians and their fistsfull  of fascist  thoughts and ambitious in trying  to create a Catalonia different from what it always was .
In 1936, the Catalan historian  Jaume Vicens i Vives supported a burning debate with  the  ultranationalist Antoni Rovira i Virgili on the topic of “the false existence of a Catalan nation”  . The honest firm words of the historian Jaume Vicens i Vives  compared the idea of Catalan-nationalism  to the false  but romantic idea of an “idealistic Catalonia” which  was a “false Catalonia” . At one stage in the debate , Vicens i Vives contributed this devastating testimony : “In more that three thousand documents, which I have recollected and viewed,  I have not found  even one which told about a collective nationalist feeling  or which unveiled an emotion of national conscience : and , as a Catalan I am, I feel  sorry about this” (La Publicitat, 1936) .
Catalan nationalism or sciencefiction? . Absolute sciencefiction.
The publishers´ army of national-catalanism and the economic power of a Catalan bourgeoisie (that –as my teacher said- “has been enriched and industrialised through the empoverishment  and deindustrialisation  of the rest of Spain during the last two centuries”), have been the two “Goliaths” against   the  little “David” of Valencia/Mallorca .
The battle against  nationaltotalitarism will be long but we, the Valencia People, will resist : and the one who resists , wins in the end.  TheBig Monster  has no longer the monopoly  of information  : INTERNET  is being our best ally.
Mª Teresa Puerto Ferre,B.A.,M.Anglo-Roman Phil.
Catedrática de Lengua Inglesa
Filóloga Anglo-Románica
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