The second coming to power of radical Socialism with its grimming President Rodriguez-Zapatero and its vice-president  MªTª. Fernandez de la Vega  (a former Franquist family) are making things  difficult for the  Spanish Catholic Church and Catholic parents. Their sudden sympathy towards the Islamic religion after the 11-March Muslim bombing in Madrid (which  helped the Socialist Party to get back to power in 2004 ) resulted in big efforts to ban the Catholic Religion from schools,  while –strangely enough- introducing either the atheist dogma, the  Socialist  bainwashing  (Educación para la Ciudadania)  or the teaching of the Koran in our state schools. Any means will do to destroy our Christian roots : just  the opposite of what  is being done by the vast majority of advanced EU democracies…

That´s pure ZaPaterology !!

Thanks to Spanish Socialism ,  Franco´s old  National Catholicism  will  be replaced  in state schools with  National-atheism ( the new  religion of  the "Zapaterology  Church"), or by National-Moslemism (his new  allied pal ) .Now our Socialist government  will be providing generous taxpayers´ funds to Islamic  mosques  where fanatic "conversos”  will be encouraged to spread their faith  to Spanish “pagans” ….
Incidentally,  the Catholic Church   properties  were totally confiscated  by the Spanish Government  after the "Desamortización de Mendizabal" (1836) and all through  our  Stalinist II Republic Robo_lution  (1931-36),  to pay for the state bankruptcy. Is impoverished  Spain  going to have the  “third edition” of such  shameful antidemocratic events  under the auspices of the  ZaPaterology Church ?

Chiquilicuatre´s  Spain is approaching,  at full speed,  ZP´s  favourite reference leaders : megaterio Castro and  red gorilla Chavez. And their  confiscating   robo_lution .

What a bright future !!

(fw to:"Daily Telegraph" 11.03.08)